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Home Advertisers Publishers My Account Helpdesk View Cart Welcome, cishqi Advertisers Publishers My Websites My Ad Zones Generate Code My Sold Adverts My Websites Stats How it Works My Account Helpdesk Logout Top Traffic Sites 280k/0.10% BitcoinClix 240k/0.02% GAB 119k/0.84% Claimtrx 112k/0.12% mm2values 78k/0.25% Scarlet-Clicks 32k/2.02% claimfreecoi… 28k/0.09% 27k/1.36% Feyorra 25k/0.24% 22k/0.15% Admin spotlight ◈ SkippyAds Offerwall ◈ Karate Bux ◈ Scarlet-Clicks ◈ Golden Farm ◈ Simualted Ape Miner ◈ DonkeyMails What’s New? • Note: Payout methods u… • AirTM, Cashout & Purch… • Note: Available Payout… • Skrill Payout Added. • Added Transferwise (Ba… Accepted Credit Cards Image AirTM Accepted Image Crypto Currency Accepted Image Home › Publishers › My WebsitesMy Ad Zones Generate Code My Sold Adverts My Websites Stats Manage Websites This page allows you to add, edit and delete your Websites. Please enter as much information about your websites as possible. The more information you enter, the easier it will be for advertisers to find your site, and purchase advertising from you. Important: Do not add a website you do not own or cannot edit, for example:,,, etc. Any website you cannot add html code to, cannot be listed here. Please be sure to review our Publisher Acceptable Use Policy as AdHitz does not allow websites containing illegal downloads, pirated software, movies, mp3’s etc. NOTE: After adding a website, you should set your ad rates and zones here. Add New Website Website Name: * (ie Website Url (Including http://): * (ie Website Description: * Wellcome,to the new world Product Group: Category: What type of Ads you want to show on your website? PG – No mature topics or controversial issues. [click for examples] R-Rated – Content includes sexual topics and non-explicit suggestive imagery, as well as violence in news or entertainment media. [click for examples] NC17 – Subject matter may be more controversial with strange, odd or peculiar imagery excluding sexual subjects. [click for examples] NCFW – Creative content may be sexual in nature, sensational, shocking, or outrageous. But content does not contain nudity, pornography, erotica, or explicit sex. [click for examples] Website Tags: (Very Important) * Keywords that best describe your website. This will help people find your website when searching the AdHitz Website. Each keyword must be seperated by a comma. Attractive words like the huge,unbelievable Does Your Website Have Any Adult Content? Yes Adult Websites are not allowed on AdHitz No What Language Is Your Website? Where Will The Ads Appear On Your Website? * Want to block/filter ads? Select type(s) Adult Ads Dating Ads Bookmaker/Casino/Gambling Ads What Age Group Are Most of Your Websites Users? Under 16 16-24 25-39 40-65 Above 65 All Ages What Gender Group Are Most of Your Websites Users? Male Female Mixed From Which Geographic Locations Do Most Of Your Websites Users Come From? (You Can Add More Than One) * CPC RatesAbout UsUser AgreementPrivacy PolicyHelpdesk AdHitz © 2009-2021


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